Competing Values Assessment

Leading Innovation & Growth Series: A Series of Two Day Workshops

Every journey has a beginning. The Competing Values Assessment is our proprietary service to clarify and illuminate your company’s pathway to innovation.


As you are considering what is the best for your organization and how to bring about positive and lasting change, you may find yourself trying to answer these three important questions:

  1. What business outcomes do you want to create?
  2. Do you have the necessary culture, competencies and processes that are required to achieve these results?
  3. Do your managers have the ability to strengthen or develop the culture, competencies and processes that are necessary to bring your business goals to fruition?

These questions form the very foundation of the Competing Values Assessment. For more than twenty years, along with our partners, we have been helping companies to align their desired organizational outcomes with their management capabilities and workforce practices. Our assessment captures a detailed and accurate picture of the current state of innovation within your company.

We invite you to take the individual assessment for free on our website. If you would like to take this assessment with a group, however, and have the information processed by us, please contact John DeGraff at

A group assessment allows you to make comparisons between team members and across levels, departments, and business units. You will also be provided with a detailed assessment review, the Assessment Diagnostic Report, with the further option of receiving the Executive Summary and Recommendations, as well as senior management’s handbook on implementing these recommendations, the Individual Leadership Guidelines.

Introducing the Innovation Index

Discover the inside track on growth in your industry. Go from the Competing Values Assessment, which measures your internal growth capacity, to the Innovation Index, which evaluates external factors that make up your competitive landscape. The Innovation Index shows the direct link between innovation and stock market performance. For more information, please contact John DeGraff at


Our expert review of the assessment results will act as a road map for your company, determining the changes that are needed to reach your business goals. Our comprehensive analysis takes your assessment data and turns it into value creation. Our newest tool, the Innovation Index, allows for a complete 360 view and is an invaluable tool for strategically creating more value.

In addition to English, the Competing Values Assessment is available in Chinese, French, German, and Japanese. We are always happy to accommodate any other languages that are requested for the assessments, please feel free to contact us…

Click here for a detailed brochure (PDF) about this Workshop

Click here for an overview guide (PDF) about the Competing Values Framework and interpreting assessment results