Innovation & Growth Summit

Leading Innovation & Growth Series: A Series of Two Day Workshops

Your Black Belts and Creativizers have developed their winning teams and projects, now it is time to implement the shared vision, continue the momentum, and integrate it all into your core business practices.


The purpose of this workshop is to integrate organizational learning into core business practices such as hiring, budget stretch and performance reviews. It is a two part process.

Part one, on the first day, the Team Tune-Up begins with Creativizers, project teams, and sponsors reunited for evaluation and review. Participants will:

  1. Provide interim reports on projects, and their progress on metrics, portfolio and stage-gate requirements;
  2. Cite potential improvement points and adjustments;
  3. Share organizational learning, provide project assistance and coaching as needed;
  4. Plan communication with the businesses and opportunities to engage operations (precursor to scale);
  5. Plan integration into core business processes;
  6. Focus on bringing projects to proof of concept completion, phase out the project team and phase in the operating unit team.

Part two, on the second day, the Innovation & Growth Summit is convened with the Creativizers, project teams, sponsors AND key operating unit teams and leaders. Participants will:

  1. Review projects, measures and organizational learning;
  2. Search and reapply best practices;
  3. Identify opportunities and constraints going forward;
  4. Develop plans for rolling out the remaining projects to the organization;
  5. Develop a replicable innovation process with the Creativizers based on organizational learning.


For participants to:

  1. Own their own behavior and actions related to their role within the organizational or team culture;
  2. Learn personal preferences related to the Competing Values Framework and how that contributes to the success of the organization/team;
  3. Commit to a Shared Vision that will move the organization/team into a preferred future;
  4. Make behavioral commitments to change as necessary to accomplish the shared vision and move the team and/or organization to continued and/or improved success.

The Innovation & Growth Summit, also known as the Team Tune-Up & Innovation Summit, facilitates establishing communities of Creativizers and the search for the best innovation practices. It is a launch pad for innovation with sessions on a wide range of subjects that support the innovation and growth goals of your company.

Be aware that some preliminary work will need to be accomplished by the participants before the workshop date. The workshop may be held either at your site or at the Innovatrium Institute for Innovation. Customized presentations in content and length are available, see Customized Consulting to learn more.

Click Here for a Detailed Brochure (PDF) About this Workshop