Black Belt Development Program

Leading Innovation & Growth Series: A Series of Two Day Workshops

This is a boot camp for the elite group of executives who will lead the innovation & growth project teams and enterprise-wide Creativizers, making innovation happen.


Black Belt graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify, assess and select high potential innovation leaders;
  2. Learn and practice a wide array of innovation methods and tools across disciplines (strategy, finance, organizational development, product development, etc.);
  3. Select and manage winning projects and teams, guiding them to success;
  4. Establish a learning community that analyzes the best practices for change & innovation, improves upon, and implements them throughout an organization.


The benefits of Black Belt Development Program are fourfold:

  1. It develops fully qualified Black Belts (those people who attend all three workshops) and a pro-innovation community.
  2. It shows which innovation practices work, and which do not, for an organization and integrates these best practices via the Black Belts and their projects;
  3. It demonstrates how key practices can be finessed to support innovation, as opposed to trying to change the system;
  4. It creates winning projects that display proof of concept and produce value in the midst of the learning process.

Arranging for teams of Black Belts to visit other innovative organizations to observe and gather best practices, as part of the Black Belt development process, is highly recommended. Be aware that some preliminary work will need to be accomplished by the participants before the workshop date. The workshop may be held either at your site or at the Innovatrium Institute for Innovation for Innovation. Customized presentations in content and length are available, see Customized Consulting to learn more.

Click Here for a Detailed Brochure (PDF) About this Workshop