Shared Vision & Jumpstart Program

Leading Innovation & Growth Series: A Series of Two Day Workshops

Creativizers are enlisted to form teams and run project labs that will quickly provide proof of creative concept and develop a pathway for resilient and recurring innovation practices.


This Jumpstart workshop, appropriate for leaders with a key change and innovation project, is designed to rapidly create results while identifying replicable innovation practices. Participants will:

  1. Learn how to select, staff and develop a winning team;
  2. Find a Breakthrough Project Sponsor;
  3. Be able to jumpstart a project from data mining, brainstorming, solution development, through to the implementation plan and final proof of concept;
  4. Share organizational learning, provide and receive project assistance and coaching as needed.


For participants to:

  1. Learn personal preferences related to the Competing Values Framework and how these contribute to the success of the organization/team;
  2. Gain buy in and resources for your projects with key stakeholders throughout the organization;
  3. Develop processes to quickly learn what’s working, what’s not, and making adjustments;
  4. Learn to create a visual map and metaphor for the project solution that can easily be understood;
  5. Translate projects into a basic business case with a set of metrics and an action plan;
  6. Set up a Creativizer support network and an Intranet site for innovation best practices and new ideas.

This workshop’s main focus is to jumpstart Breakthrough Projects, to discover and discuss potential opportunities with clients, related organizations, and experts on innovation. Expect to brainstorm client solutions that lead to growth, to search and reapply best practices, to build jumpstart teams, and to create project plans. A Competing Values Company consultant is available to support and advise, as appropriate, the Creativizers and project team members.

Arranging for teams of Creativizers to visit other innovative organizations to observe and gather best practices, as part of the workshop, is highly recommended. Be aware that some preliminary work will need to be accomplished by the participants before the workshop date. The workshop may be held either at your site or at the Innovatrium Institute for Innovation. Customized presentations in content and length are available, see Customized Consulting to learn more.

Click Here for a Detailed Brochure (PDF) About this Workshop