Leading Innovation Enterprise Program

Leading Innovation & Growth Series: A Series of Two Day Workshops

Empowered to be innovative and act as mentors, participants become Creativizers, leading a sustainable culture of change, innovation and growth.


This introductory session, appropriate for leadership and employees at all levels, presents the fundamentals of leading innovation. It creates the excitement and energy for everyone to start making change and innovation happen everywhere, everyday, in their organization.

Participants, by attending this interactive program, will:

  1. Learn how change and innovation creates growth and other forms of value;
  2. Discover what change and innovation methods are right for their situation;
  3. Assess their innovation leadership style;
  4. Be able to implement proven best practices for leading change and innovation immediately.


For participants to:

  1. Develop key leadership skills for innovation and to become an innovation activist, including how to recognize innovation opportunities that lead to growth;
  2. Harness social systems to develop the culture and competencies to make innovation happen in their area of responsibility;
  3. Search and reapply innovation across the boundaries;
  4. Select the right people and practices to support and execute specific types of innovation;
  5. Improve and start implementation of new innovation processes that support their company’s growth strategy.

The Competing Values Framework is utilized to assess individual and organizational competency, culture, and practices. Training for Creativizers includes innovation consulting basics, from developing leadership buy-in, creating a shared vision and values in teams, to handling resistance. Advanced topics are also covered such as rolling out an innovation strategy, convening think tanks and summits, evaluating performance (metrics, resource allocation, portfolio management), and how to support a community of innovation practitioners.

Be aware that some preliminary work will need to be accomplished by the participants before the workshop date. The workshop may be held either at your site or at the Innovatrium Institute for Innovation. Customized presentations in both content and length are available; see Customized Consulting to learn more.

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