Bring us your challenges, your projects, and your teams and we will help you jumpstart innovation. To learn more about how you can rapidly Creativize your business, we invite you to take our individual assessment:

This assessment is an even more useful tool when taken with a group. First, it can provide an accurate measurement of the values and beliefs driving your leadership, project teams, and enterprise-wide employees that shape innovation & growth. Second, it shows you where to focus your innovation action plans for future success.

Group assessments include the Assessment Diagnostic Report, with the further option of receiving the Executive Summary and Recommendations, as well as senior management’s handbook on implementing these recommendations, the Individual Leadership Guidelines.

Our comprehensive and expert analysis acts as a roadmap, revealing the kind of leaders and teams that you need, right now, to make innovation happen. You’ll be able to bring the innovation skills of your management, as well as the cultural practices of your company, into alignment with your business goals.

If you would like to take this assessment with a group and have the information processed by us, please contact John DeGraff at

In addition to English, the Competing Values Assessment is available in Chinese, French, German, and Japanese. We are always happy to accommodate any other languages that are requested for the assessments. For more information about the Competing Values Assessment, please visit the LIG 5 – Competing Values Assessment page and/or review the brochure linked below.

Click here for a detailed brochure (PDF) about assessments

Click here for an overview guide (PDF) about the Competing Values Framework and interpreting assessment results