Competing Values Framework (CVF)

Roll over the four colors above for a description of the type of innovation valued by each of these competing quadrants. See HOW you innovate results in WHAT you innovate.

The charismatic Jeff DeGraff, Managing Partner of the Competing Values Company is the co-creator of the Computing Values methodology. Based on the CVF, this is a system which integrates finance, strategy, management, innovation, and leadership to boost the corporate bottom-line. He is also a Professor at the University of Michigan's School of Business, specializing in innovation and teaching MBA and executive education. DeGraff began his career as a VP at Domino's Pizza, where he was responsible for developing innovative strategies, communication, & support technologies and new ventures. There, DeGraff earned his nickname "Dean of Innovation". He helped spur Domino's growth from a regional success story into an international franchise phenomenon. Known as the 'guru to the innovation guru' at companies such as 3M, Apple, Coca-Cola, GE, Johnson & Johnson, LG, Pfizer, Reuters, Toyota, and Yahoo!, he has created a broad array of widely used tools and practices for implementing innovation.

What is Competing Values?

Competing Values is about understanding how to appreciate conflicting values and integrate them successfully so that the organization is open to collaboration and growth. Jeff DeGraff, the Dean of Innovation, has advocated ambidextrous leadership for more than twenty years through his teaching, consulting, and his three books about the Competing Values Framework (CVF). The goal is that leaders should become adroit at two conflicting values (DeGraff identifies a total of four competing values). We train leaders so that they develop the ability to oversee teams that work towards opposite goals, integrating them when the timing is right, so that each value can be developed successfully. The result is companies that are creative, while meeting high quality control standards, and that are open and collaborative, but also maintain their competitive edge.

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